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Early Care Programs

Working together for a healthier tomorrow!

Maria Friend, RN, BSN

Director of Early Care Programs

Phone: 301-334-7720
or 301-895-3111
FAX: 301-334-7722

Hours of Operation:
Mon. - Fri. 8:00am – 5:00pm

Stroller Walks

Early Care Programs

What are the Early Care Programs?

The Early Care Programs are a voluntary home visitation service that empowers parents, at no cost, to give their child the best beginning in life.

Who is eligible?

  • All pregnant women residing in Garrett County
  • Parents with children under 3 years of age are eligible to have a nurse contact them to discuss and determine which program best suits their family’s needs

Why an Early Care Program?

  • Parents are the strongest influence in their children’s lives
  • The most important stages of learning in a child’s life take place from birth to age three
  • Parenting is a difficult job with a lot of stress, concerns and questions, and babies do not come with owner’s manuals

The GCHD Early Care Programs are a Garrett County Local Management Board program administered by the Garrett County Health Department. Grant funding is provided through the Governor’s Office for Children, Garrett County Local Management Board, and Maryland State Department of Education.

Early Care & Garrett County 2-G

Early Care Programs provides voluntary home visitation services that empowers parents to give their child the best beginning in life. Families work with Registered Nurses and/or paraprofessionals to address Maryland’s Results for Child Well-Being. Services are provided with a focus on babies born healthy, healthy children, children entering school ready to learn, children living in safe families and communities, and children living in stable and economically independent families.

Early Care Programs realize that everyone in the family impacts the child’s development and well-being. This includes moms, dads, grandparents, and siblings. Throughout program services, Early Care Program takes on a 2-Generational approach to address not just the child’s needs, but the needs of other family members. In doing so, Early Care Program staff individualize program services to meet the needs of the entire family.

As part of Early Care Programs services families are eligible to participate in the 2-Generation Partnership the Early Care Program has with Community Action, Department of Social Services, and Garrett College. Family economic support services are available through this partnership to assist families who have goals of obtaining employment. Families often times face barriers in obtaining employment with education attainment, securing child care, transportation, and housing. These barriers are addressed through 2-Genteration supportive services by meeting each family “where they are” in working through these barriers. Services are individualized and may include working with families to obtain a high school diploma/GED, obtaining a driver’s license, soft skill development for successful interviewing, and job training.

All families enrolled in Early Care Program services and working actively with a home visitor are eligible to receive 2-Generational supportive services.

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