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Core Service Agency

Working together for a healthier tomorrow!

Fred Polce


Suite 104
Phone: 301-334-7440
FAX: 301-334-7441

The Public Mental Health System Management Agency for Garrett County

Garrett County Core Service Agency is located
in the Garrett County Health Department.
We are the management agency for publicly funded mental health services.

GCCSA staff is constantly researching opportunities that will provide additional funds to improve the mental health services to residents of Garrett County. The agency works to better integrate existing services and expand services that are currently available.

GCCSA also assists persons in receiving medication, transportation to services, housing and employment. GCCSA is funded through grants from the Mental Hygiene Administration of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

GCCSA will facilitate the continuance of a consumer-focused mental health system in Garrett County that is seamless, coordinated and accessible. This organization will maintain an advocacy role, assuring the availability of quality services to all, as defined by the agency.

Mission Statement

To support this vision, GCCSA will:

  • Collaborate with consumers, providers of mental health services and the community to identify strengths, areas for development, and needs for a consumer-driven mental health system for all persons with mental illness.
  • Coordinate and facilitate linkages with agencies of other disciplines and other organizations to further enhance and integrate system level needs.
  • Develop and foster quality mental health services for all ages of individuals with mental health needs.
  • Encourage the development of a mental health services environment to foster consumer choice for individuals of all ages.
  • Advocate for and encourage consumers to achieve their personal goals and a better quality of life.
  • Provide funding and support that advances GCCSA’s vision and goals.
Leadership * Direction * Management * Education


Standing in the forefront for advocacy, quality of care and community collaboration.


Having a vision for improving the quality of mental health services in Garrett County .


Insuring that the scarce resources will be optimized to the greatest benefit to the people we serve.


Insuring the necessary cutting-edge training for all local professions and teaching detrimental effects of stigma, and enabling consumers to become more proactive in their own treatment.

What People Say...

“I like being able to work again. I like being around a fast, busy workplace and meeting my co-workers. I like to talk and laugh with them. I wouldn’t be working without the job coaching I received.”
-Appalachian Crossroads Client

“Thanks so much for being there. I was at my end and you listened to me. I believe you have saved my life.”
-Garrett Co. Center for Behavioral Health Client

“Everyone at the center is so helpful. I can now see that the temporary things that were so debilitating at the time are now part of my past. Thanks for your caring and wonderful staff.”
-Garrett Co. Center for Behavioral Health Client

“They have helped change my outlook on all avenues of my life. They want to help me to succeed.”
-Lighthouse Client

“I feel that LifeSkills has helped my son with his temper and self-control by providing extra one-on-one attention.”
-The Mental Health Center Client’s Parent

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