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Skilled Nursing Care

Working together for a healthier tomorrow!

Charee Y. Reckner, BSN, MBA

Director of Home Health

Room 120
Phone: 301-334-7750
From Grantsville: 301-895-3111
FAX: 301-334-7751

Hours of Operation:
Mon. – Fri. 8:00am – 5:00pm
In-home services provided 7 days a week. RN on-call 24 hours/day.

RN’s and LPN’s provide home care, such as:

  • Assess blood pressure, pulse and respiratory status
  • Assess nutrition, hydration, bowel/bladder functions
  • Assess and teach medication regime and response to medications
  • Diabetic teaching- check glucose levels and administer insulin, diet instruction
  • Wound care, dressing changes
  • Catheter care and changes-urethral or supra pubic
  • Colostomy and ileostomy care
  • Gastrostomy and NG tube care and changes
  • Pediatric care
  • IV therapy, continuous antibiotic, TPN enteral feedings, pain control
  • Pain management
  • Perform venipuncture for blood samples
  • Early maternal discharge

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