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Population Health

Working together for a healthier tomorrow!
Shelley Argabrite

Shelley Argabrite

Strategic Health Planner


Health Planning

Our health department has a long history of working with the state, local and community partners to improve the health of residents. We are currently investing in community partnerships focusing on health improvement initiatives.   As public health leaders we work to:

  • Monitor Health of Garrett County Residents
  • Detect and Investigate Health Problems
  • Conduct Research to Enhance Prevention of Disease efforts
  • Develop and Advocate Public Health Policies
  • Implement Prevention Strategies
  • Promote Healthy Behaviors
  • Foster Safe and Healthy Environments
  • Provide Leadership and Training to promote healthy living

This work is most effective when we view health from a broad lens.  Managing community health goes beyond what happens in a hospital or doctor’s office.  It considers important community and personal factors like; income, housing, education, air quality, nutrition and lifestyle choices, and the interaction of these factors.  Health Planning focuses on COLLABORATION (Click here for a list of partners) within our community.  Successful health initiatives often bring together a variety of partners across disciplines that can address the full spectrum of health including health care providers, employers, academic institutions, community organizations, and other government agencies.  It’s thrilling when people from various perspectives come together to accomplish great things.

We begin our work together by looking at the data. The most successful community health initiatives are evidence-based, using data to identifying issues, designing interventions and measuring results.  Our most recent COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSESSMENT (CHA) was the first step to informing our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and identified key priorities.  Part of the health assessment allows us to listen to people in our own community, hear the struggles they have, and prioritize our resources to create health initiatives that make a difference in their lives.

Every community has complex health issues to address, it’s critical for communities to align around top priorities – the ones where a small intervention can make a massive impact. Who better to do that work than the community itself? Using the feedback and results of our recent CHA, we created The Garrett County Planning Tool, enabling every community member to participate in our next CHIP due July of 2017.   Better health outcomes don’t just happen to a community, they happen with a community.

Please join and join the conversations to improve Garrett County’s health.



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