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Special Smokeless Tobacco Cessation Class Scheduled

Apr 27, 2017 | Press Releases

The Garrett County Health Department is taking the month of May to promote a special message targeting smokeless tobacco users: “Live Tobacco Free. Get the outside dirty. Keep the inside clean.”

“Our message is designed to reach the rural roots of Garrett County, the people who work and hunt the land, or work in the mines.” said Mike Wilburn, tobacco educator at the Health Department. “The idea is that you can have fun the way you want to, but without tobacco products.”

The campaign is also promoting a special cessation class geared toward smokeless tobacco users. This free class starts on Tuesday, June 6th, at 5:30 p.m. and meets weekly through August 15th, at Garrett College in Room 103 of the GIEC Building. Free cessation aids will be available with required attendance.

According to the 2014 MD Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Garrett County has the highest smokeless tobacco use rates for high school youth in the state at 19.1%. The next closest rate is 14% in Dorchester. The state rate is 5.8%. Among males only, Garrett County rate is 28.9%, which is almost 1 in 3 high school males at SHS and NHS. More Garrett County males in high school use smokeless tobacco (28.9%) than smoke cigarettes (23.1%).

Topics of the class will include:  nicotine addiction, withdrawal symptoms, benefits of quitting, lifestyle changes, coping tips, problem solving, withdrawal symptoms, stress, weight-gain concerns, support & encouragement, and relapse prevention.

The Health Department schedules tobacco cessation class throughout the year. The next regularly scheduled class will begin on Monday, June 19th, at 5:30 p.m. at the Garrett County Health Department in Oakland. All users are welcome to register and attend (smokers, smokeless tobacco users, and e-cigarette users.)

For additional information, or to register for a class, contact Mike Wilburn at 301-334-7730, 301-895-3111, or email

For Immediate Release:  April 26, 2017
Contact Person: Diane Lee, PIO, 301-334-7689


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