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Notice of Funding Availability from the Local Management Boards of Allegany and Garrett Counties

Aug 7, 2017 | Notice of Funding Availability

The Local Management Boards of Allegany and Garrett Counties have identified a need for technical assistance for community capacity building around a two generation approach to services.  Specifically, funding is requested to hire a consultant to provide training and follow-up coaching to LMB vendors and community stakeholders in Allegany and Garrett Counties on using Data to Guide and Improve Child and Family Outcomes.

This training has been identified as a need in both counties as organizations regularly track data but readily admit that do not always have staff with the knowledge and capacity to analyze and interpret the data. Effective data management plays an important role in improving the performance of an organization and the outcomes for children and families it serves.  Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and acting on data for specific performance measures allows organizations to identify where systems are falling short, to make corrective adjustments, and to track outcomes.

Click here to view the full Notice of Funding Availability.


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