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Letter to the Editor: Cervical Cancer

Jan 9, 2018 | Letter to the Editor

Do you know the symptoms of cervical cancer? Until very late stages of the disease, women often have no symptoms. That is why it is so important that women get regular Pap tests. January is Cervical Health Awareness Month and the perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of regular cervical cancer screening with a Pap test.

The Pap test is a public health success story. Since screening for cervical cancer with the Pap test started more than 50 years ago, cervical cancer deaths have declined 75 percent nationwide. But approximately 70 women still die from the disease each year in Maryland. Women cannot wait until they see symptoms. They must get regular screenings to prevent cervical cancer by removing abnormal cells before they become cancer.

The Maryland Breast and Cervical Cancer Program provides breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services at no cost to eligible women. Many Garrett County residents may not have heard of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. Please help spread the word this January and help to end cervical cancer deaths. Tell the women in your life that a Pap test could save their life. Contact the Garrett County Breast & Cervical Program at 301-334-7770 or 301-895-3111 if you need help getting a cervical cancer screening.

Caroline Evans, RN
Oakland, MD


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