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Garrett County Health Department Recruits Volunteers

May 11, 2017 | Press Releases

The Garrett County Health Department is recruiting volunteers for the Maryland Responds, our state’s Medical Reserve Corp which is managed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Preparedness and Response.

“We need both medical professionals and non-medical persons who are ready, willing, and able to assist if we had a public health emergency in Garrett County,” said local Unit Administrator Cindy Mankamyer.  “A large scale incident would quickly overwhelm our ability to staff all the needed components of a response.  We would need many hands on deck to protect and preserve the health of our community.”

Some services provided by these volunteers could include triage or medical screening, handing out pills, giving flu shots, staffing shelters, manning informational hot-lines, escorting clinic patients, directing traffic, etc.  There are currently about two dozen registered volunteers in Garrett County, including medical professionals, teachers, clergy, counselors, sales professionals, construction workers, and security guards.

Deployment is voluntary: for any deployment call-out, volunteers choose whether to go or not, and control their own availability.  During a deployment, Maryland Responds registered volunteers are provided Maryland State worker’s compensation and liability coverage.  Volunteers will be invited to participate in occasional trainings and drills, and to support public health outreach projects.

There is a convenient on-line registration and orientation process.  Anyone 18 and older with no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions is eligible to register.  Interested persons should go to: or call 301-334-7691 or 301-895-3111 for more information.

For Immediate Release:  May 9, 2017
Contact Person: Diane Lee, PIO, 301-334-7689


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