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Rabies Program

Working together for a healthier tomorrow!
Steve Sherrard

Steve Sherrard

Director of Environmental Health

Room 102
Phone: 301-334-7760
FAX: 301-334-7769

Hours of Operation:
Mon. – Fri. 8:00am – 5:00pm

Rabies Program

IMPORTANT: Garrett County experienced 5 confirmed cases of rabies in 2016, a total of 335 confirmed cases in Maryland for 2016. Protect your pets and your family from the threat of this disease by vaccinating your dogs, cats and ferrets.

Low cost rabies clinics will begin in May. Dates and locations to come. 

Cost per animal is $5 at the Health Department Rabies Clinics.

Dog and cat licenses can be obtained at each clinic.

Only pets under the control of a responsible person may be brought to the clinic.  Dogs MUST be on a leash.  Cats and ferrets MUST be in a cage or tightly secured box with air holes.  If a cage/carrier is not available catsMUST be carried in a pillowcase or suitable cloth sack. No other animals will be vaccinated.

Anyone with questions regarding rabies clinics or rabies vaccinations can call Environmental Health Services at 301-334-7760 or 301-895-3111.

Official Recommendation from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for dogs, cats, and ferrets 3 months and older:

Puppies, Kittens & Ferrets (under 1 yr.): Vaccinate at 3 months & revaccinate after 12 months.
Dogs & Cats (over 1 year): Vaccinate every 3 years after first series completed.
Ferrets: Must be vaccinated every year.

*Maryland State Law requires all dogs, cats & ferrets over the age of 4 months to be vaccinated against rabies.

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